Italic Calligraphy Script by Deepika Badlani


Example of Italic Script by Deepika Badlani.

Italic Script is one of the most elegant and stylist script for calligraphy. It is simple and lean and the slight inclination given to the letters make them stand out. No wonder Italic writing is popular for writing quotes and invitation letters or greetings. 

Italics is commonly associated with a tilted alphabet but there is much more to it. Italic Script was invented by an Italian Scholar Niccolò de' Niccoli during the renaissance period of around 1410. He used to copy a lot of ancient manuscripts by hand and realized that the old cursive writing was too slow and not suitable for fast writing. So he invented Italic to be able to write faster as well as elegantly. 

After the printing press was invented, Italic script again became popular and among the various scripts, the one invented by Niccoli became the preferred choice. Along with the cursive writing, Italic script forms part of the old Latin scripts and it has got hundreds of variations today developed all over the world.

To being with Italic Script you need a broad tip pen. A pilot parallel pen is most suited for this script since the ink cartridge forms a part of the pen system. Another advantage of using a pilot parallel is the good quality nib which helps create sharp edges without ink bleed. 

Italic Script like any other script follows a set of rules. The letters are divided into four groups, branching letters, straight letters, reverse branching letters and round letters. Till you follow the technique, you will be able to create beautiful writing using this script. 

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Remember, only if you master the basics, then you can experiment successfully.