Pilot Parallel Calligraphy Pens

Pilot Parallel Calligraphy Pens are fun to write with. Calligraphists across the world are unanimous in their decision that, they are the best calligraphy pens in the world. It gives a flair to your writing which a dip pen can, but a fountain pen cannot. The body of this pen however packs in the convenience of a fountain pen. It comes in four sizes, 1.5 mm (Red Cap), 2.4 mm (Orange Cap), 3.8 mm (Green Cap) and 6 mm (Blue Cap). And at under $30 for the whole set, it is a steal.

Deepika Badlani
Poster by Deepika Badlani using Pilot Parallel Calligraphy Pen

About Pilot Company

The Pilot Corporation is the largest pen manufacturing company in Japan. Along with its subsidiaries in many countries, Pilot pens are a household name all around the world. For the past hundred years, Pilot company has given us some revolutionary designs in all varieties of pens. One cannot forget the all white body pen with color at the base and top to indicate the color of ink.

About Pilot Parallel Calligraphy Pen

Pilot Parallel Pen is a flat nib pen. It is available in four sizes, either sold together or separately. With each pen you get 2 ink cartridges (Red and Black), converter for cleaning pen unit, nib cleaner, instruction and care guide. The flat nibs are metallic, while rest of the body is plastic. The entire pen is solidly made and can stand normal use for years. The nibs are very strong and ideal for beginners who tend to apply more pressure. For beginners and pros alike, this pen gives lots of fun to write with. The parallel plates enable you to write sharp as well as broad. It helps you produce crisp and sharp writing. The small nibs can be used for manuscript work, while the large ones for posters. The parallel design allows you to mix colors by touching two nibs. The effect is a beautiful gradient on your strokes.

Deepika Badlani
Pilot Parallel Calligraphy Pen Set

About the bundled ink

Pilot Company has not stopped at just making a great calligraphy pen. It has designed the ink to go along. The ink is packed in easy to fit cartridges. Changing of cartridge is easy and fast and does not break your work flow. The ink itself is smooth, does not dry. The nibs hold the ink when not in use. Most of the paper types do not absorb the ink. Ink is available in 12 colors and they are vibrant on paper. Be careful not to apply too much pressure on the cartridge walls as it will crack easily. Best option after swapping a cartridge is to wait for the ink to flow clean. Also make sure to chose your paper correct. Since the ink flows smooth and fast, the wrong type of paper might drain your ink faster than expected. Use higher GSM for better results.

Alternate inks for Pilot Parallel Pen

Many calligraphists experiment with various types of ink by use of syringe to refill the cartridge. Between the choice of pigmented ink or the smooth fountain pen inks, the latter should be ideal for refilling a Pilot Parallel Pen. However, nib cleaning is important for longevity of the pen. The black film supplied along with the pen is actually the cleaning film. A plastic pipette provided is used to flush the nib clean.


If your aim as a calligraphist is exception work of art, then this pen is the tool of your salvation. Your work created with this pen will have a therapeutic effect on your soul. Strongly recommended.