Hire Me

I am trained in Commercial Art from one of the top institutes in New Delhi, India. I have been taking
on commercial art assignments for the past 10 years. My artwork has a strong influence of
everyday ideas. It is creative and practical at the same time. Clients have the freedom to choose
their own ideas, but at the same time I can suggest creative solutions as part of hiring package.

I will work only on hand drawn assignment. However the client is free to make as many digital
copies of my work once handed over to them. Artwork will be supported by proper documents
which will certify its originality and exclusivity.

Pricing for Artwork

Hand drawn artwork has its unique pricing model. Factors which come into play are complexity of work, time involved and technique. Given below are suggested prices only.

Hand Drawn Logo for branding - Rs 1500 onwards
(Basic digitization included)

Handwritten Brochures - Rs 400 onwards

Catalogs - Rs 2500 onwards

Book Covers and Illustrations - Rs 4000 onwards

Product labels - Rs 100 onwards

Handwritten invitation cards and Certificate Writing - Between Rs 100 to Rs 500 depending on the content and numbers

Sketches - As per work

Terms and Conditions

All artwork will be submitted in original and one copy only. Mailing will be as per client request. Courier charges will be borne by the client. Advance payment will be asked for. Sample work or sample ideas will not be provided. Only final work will be delivered as per time plan.