Understanding colours and their meaning - Red


Hex colour code #FF0000

Red is the colour of passion. It denotes strength, excitement, energy and danger. Red is also the colour of love. It has a lot of influence art from the days of renaissance to modern art. Historians have found evidence of use of red colour in ancient Egypt. Roman army officers used a shade of red on their capes. 

Red is a fiery colour. It is used by ad makers to increase aggression and heart rate. Food companies use Red generously in their logos and brand colours. Coca Cola created the whole Christmas and Santa Claus advertising around red which is also their brand colour. 

Red is the colour of Cupid as well as the Devil. This contrast enables companies to choose Red to get different reactions. Time magazine and CNN uses Red. Well known tech giants like Oracle and Adobe also use Red. 

Airtel uses a pure Red logo. Post office and Post Box is another place where Red is used generously. Maybe the excitement of connecting to a loved one. Another well known brand, Hawkins uses Red in their logo.

History and discovery of Red

Approx 170,000 years ago, Stone Age people were used red pigment derived from ochre. It is naturally occurring clay with variations in colour from yellow to deep orange. It is still used my many tribes across the world to depict blood. 

In ancient Greece, red ochre was used to paint walls. The colour could not be washed away so easily and so was used to stain clothes of loiters. Romans used red to paint their faces as decorations. Red Indians also used the same orche pigment. African tribal women use orche to give a reddish hue to their skin. 

All throughout history red has been used for purpose of war as well as depicting peace and sacrifice. 

With red getting associated with passion, it also became a representation of adultery, prostitution and sin. 

In India, red is associated with Goddess Lakshmi, wealth and beauty. 

Red gets instant attention and creates excitement. Even though the dominant colour in Ferrari logo is yellow, the cars which sell the most are the ones painted red.