Online Classes by Deepika Badlani - Class One Bar Typography

Online Classes will keep you involved in an art activity under expert guidance of Deepika Badlani, Calligraphist and Art Teacher. For the first class we shall take the most simplest form of typography, Bar Typography. This class is divided in two sessions.

Importance of Typography

Typography began with the invention of printing press. Gutenberg Bible was the first mass printed book which appeared in the market at around 1454. Prior to that documents were hand written. The science of Typography began with the printed word. Which font to be used for best reading, quotes should be placed in what manner, How can the heading be made bold and readable, What should be the layout of the page. All this comes under Typography. With the dawn of the internet and electronic reading era, layout of the page and fonts gets even more important keeping in view how to get attention of the reader. What calligraphy is to the written word, Typography is to the digital world.

Bar typography is the use of bars to create alphabets. Thickness of the bars allows easy colouring and creativity in designing these font. It is easy to create attractive bar fonts if you know the technique. In this online class consisting of two session we shall first see how to draw alphabets using pencil. Then we shall colour them with various mediums like sketch pen, brush pen, water color and colour pencils.

Session One

View the above video to see step by step instructions on how to use a pencil to draw the alphabets for bar typography. Once you finish this part, you can take a picture of your work and mail it to

Session Two

In this session I have explained different ways to colour and decorate the alphabets. Your finished work should look like this.

Again, once you have finished, you can click a picture of your work and submit me at my email address.

You will find Bar Typography very easy to learn and lot of scope for creativity. Thanks for watching.