Coffee Painting and Brush Pen Calligraphy Workshop at Ashok Vihar

A two day Coffee Painting and Brush Pen Calligraphy Workshop has been organised at Ashok Vihar, New Delhi on 5th and 6th Oct 2019. The workshops are open to all from age 5 years onwards. Timings are from 3 to 5 pm in the evening. The fees for the Coffee Painting workshop is Rs 500 and for the Brush Pen Calligraphy workshop is Rs 900 respectively. Material will be provided by us.

Coffee Painting
Coffee Painting

About Coffee Painting

We all love our cup of coffee. The smell of freshly brewed coffee wakes us for the day and gives us the energy to keep going. But besides the aroma, have you ever wondered that it can be used in place of acrylic paint or colours also.

Coffee powder when mixed with water provides the right medium to create a sepia toned painting. It gives the same effect of water colour. Same techniques can be used like a wet paper and diffusion of colors. The droplets of coffee water can also be sprayed onto the paper using a brush. Maybe difficult to imagine from a layman's point of view. But coffee used as a medium can provide texture, shadows, gradients and depth to a painting.

You have the added benefit of giving the perfect vintage look to your creation.

About Brush Pen Calligraphy

Brush Pens are most suitable for calligraphy. They have a flexible tip which depending on the amount of pressure give a thick or thin stroke. In calligraphy, thick down-strokes and thin upstrokes are used. With the right amount of pressure the perfect calligraphy effect can be created. These days, brush tip pens are commonly available with stationary stores. This has allowed the basic form of calligraphy to be accessible to common people. Students especially are showing more and more interest in brush pen calligraphy

This weekend gift your child with this two hour activity where your child can pick up a common skill with brush pens and a rare skill with coffee painting. Material will be provided by us and reference sheets will also be given. There are limited seats, so please book your seats well in advance.