Customised Canvas Bags by Deepika Badlani

Canvas Bag is an in thing these days. A Customized Canvas Bag is the best style statement and your modern shopping accessory. Canvas bags are steadily catching on as an alternative to plastic bags handed over the counter by merchants.

Canvas is either made of cotton or linen. It is the choice of material for artists to paint on. That is why a canvas bag becomes the right choice to paint on. One can buy printed canvas bags in stores. But a hand painted canvas bag is also a personalized gifting option.

So go ahead and order these for your near and dear ones for those special occasions.

Customized hand painted canvas bag by Deepika Badlani

Canvas Bag painted by Deepika Badlani

Canvas Bag painted by 9 yr old student

Painted Canvas Bag by 5 yr old student

All canvas bags shown above are hand painted and customized by Deepika Badlani. A finished canvas bag costs anywhere from Rs 400 onwards depending on the level of customization required. 

Painting on canvas bags is also taught to students from age 4 onwards as a three hour activity workshop.

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