Decoupage and Doodle Art on canvas workshop at Kids N Teens

Decoupage on Canvas

A two day workshop was organised at Kids N Teens by Deepika Badlani on 18th and 19th Aug 2018 for children of age 4 plus. Children were given two options to choose from Decoupage on Canvas and Doodle Art on Canvas. Due to uniqueness of the topic, both workshops received overwhelming response with enrollment.

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About Kids N Teens

Located in Ashok Vihar, Phase I, Kids N Teens is one of the leading activity center for children in North Delhi. Kids N Teens offers a combination of EQ+IQ+Creativity. It provides a series of after school weekly and special weekend programs cum hobby classes. It aims to take care of students academic growth as well as inner grooming. These classes allow students to be creative with applied technology and develop their understanding of the key concepts of different areas of their interest. 

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Why activity on Canvas

We all remember our school days, when besides our sketchbooks and drawing sheets, we got a rare chance to work on canvas. Art work on canvas is the choice of professionals. But why encourage children to work on canvas in the first place. Canvas is easily available. It is stretched on a board and primed ready for use. Sketch or colors easily stand out on canvas. Corrections can be made with ease and it can be reused. Canvas as a base accepts any colors or any medium drawn on it.

Doodle Art on Canvas
The aim of this workshop was to introduce children to canvas handling, teaching certain techniques and allowing them freedom to work on their own. Doodle art was meant for younger children, while Decoupage workshop had not upper limit as far as age is concerned.

Decoupage on Canvas

Decoupage is the art of beautifying everyday objects with decorative paper/tissue in a way to merge them. For this activity children were given printed tissue papers with flower design. Children were shown how to tear the flower image from the edges and then applied on canvas using Mod Podge. Mod Podge is a special kind of glue which acts as a sealant as well as finisher. Rest of the canvas is then painted with acrylic colors. 

Children enjoying their Decoupage activity
Decoupage activity by an adult who
enrolled for the course

Doodle Art on Canvas

Doodle Art is abstract drawing of real objects using a pen or pencil. It brings out creativity in children by letting their imagination run its own course. For this workshop children were asked to draw a cat or a girl in a cartoon form. Later coloring techniques were shown so that they can finish their work.

Children enjoyed this activity as can be seen from their proud and smiling faces.

Kids N Teens provides the best infrastructure for conducting such activities for children.